OpenFOAM Links and References

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OpenFoam Foundation
using the medieval Mael font

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Downloading OpenFOAM
OpenFOAM Foundation page

Currently the latest is OF8

I use version 7, the Dev version as the regular install didn't have all the libraries needed for xUbuntu 18.0.4

OpenFOAM Preprocessors
Creative Fields CF Mesh+

I use Creative fields CF mesh+

It is possible to use the default meshing programs SnappyHexMesh and Blockmesh in OpenFoam. I've found that these are very time consuming and CFmesh+ is a good inexpensive solution.

Franjo Jeretic is the one behind CF mesh+. They gave a presentation at the 2020 OpenFOAM conference which I should probably post here one of these days...

OpenFOAM PostProcessors

Above is the Paraview download link. I won't link to it directly as sometimes it's down and Google penalizes me for broken links. ParaView ParaView

Paraview is opensource and works well with openFOAM.

Initially I was confused as there was a ParaFOAM which appeared to be similar to ParaView. Paraview is opensource and was written by Sandia National Labs. The ParaFOAM is apparenty the same as ParaView but with a script file in it's run directory which causes it to more easily load OpenFOAM files but it is the same program.

Another reason for liking {or at least using} ParaView is there is an extensive and very helpful on-line support forum for the package.

It is found here.

Learning OF

learn OpenFOAM for Beginners

Learning OF

OpenFOAM forums

Dr. Tomislav Maric

Dr. Tomislav Maric
at the Technischen University (TU) Darmstadt

Thanks for the Sourceforge OpenFoam tutorials.

Dr. Maric also has a blog on C++ related things to OpenFoam {link below}.

Dr. Tobias Holzmann

Dr. Tobias Holzmann
His CFD site

He wrote a good book on the numerics behind CFD. A free PDF copy is available.

OpenFOAM from ESI
using the Greek Dalek font

OpenFoam from ESI. These have an engineering group supporting OpenFOAM. Their numbering of OpenFOAM releases is different than the OpenFOAM Foundation. As of Dec. 2020, their latest release is OpenFOAM 2.3
ESI website

Dr. Jozsef Nagy's series of tutorials on learning OpenFOAM. These appear based on the ESI version of OpenFOAM but I hope to validate how they work with the Foundation vv using OF-7.

Learning OpenFOAM

Linux Tools
OF works best under Linux

Linux Tools
not in use future use