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We have extensive experience with industrial projects
Experience List of Industrial Projects
Basin Electric Power Company Flow through a gas pipeline with a check value. Several Company configurations were modeled with and without guide vanes.
a Manufacturing company Langranian (dispersed phase, particle tracking) models of particles undergoing volitiles release and size change. Several chemical species were also tracked.
Duramax Marine Models of special configuration heat exchangers, to predict heat transfer coefficients and P. Comparisons were made with lab studies and empirically derived design guides. 81 different models were run for the client.
a US chemical plant Model of incinerator including natural convection air flow inside space between shell and rain shield.
a Texas Chemical plant Chemical reactor design including time dependent kinetic reactions and gas-liquid mass transfer. Custom CFD programs and real time reactor models were written.
a non US burner company Sulfur furnace modeling
M&H Industries Gas processing plant: airflow around buildings and affecting the discharge of 3 "cooling towers" were included. Flow, temperature with natural convection effects, and radiation was modeled. Simulation compared very well with "smoke bomb" field tests of air flow patterns.
M.W. Kellogg
  1. Gas turbine ducting for the Hyundai Petrochemical plant
  2. Flow through a gas manifold with entrained solid particles
  3. Orifice - pressure drop compared with engineering company design methods
  4. Sudden Expansion length of jet stream from choked flow exiting a pipe
a Texas refinery Two-phase model of a tower overhead line with erosion caused by entrained droplets. Evaporation of droplets and heat transfer was included.
a Texas refinery Eulerian, Langrangian, & Algebraic Slip 2-phase models of liquid / vapor flows inside a column. Validation against plant measurements
a Southern chemical manufacturer Chemical reactor design, fluidized bed
Coastal Refining Co. Molten asphalt flow through an unheated pipeline initially filled with a cold oil, modeled asphalt/oil interface, asphalt viscosity & solidification; time dependent model.
a large MidWest manufacturing company
  1. 3D model of a polymer processing unit
  2. 3D model of later modifications of above unit
  3. 2D model of a number of processing units with moving surfaces
  4. sprays with solid particles injected into swirling flows, obtained coupled particle/flow paths
  5. 3D model of dust control inside complex manufacturing unit
Tecnored/Caemi Int'l Brazil 3D model of prototype furnace design, porosity, kinetic Brazil reactions
Furnace consultancy
  1. Furnace radiant box & convection section, 2D model, flue gas flow patterns & mal-distribution entering a tube bank.
  2. Flow distribution into secondary quench exchanger head, ethylene
a Texas engineering co. 3D models of gas separation units. Complex geometry with concentric rings of bundles and baffles
a Northeast manufacturing company Laminar flow through complex geometrical shapes
a MidWest manufacturing company Flow and heat transfer in exchangers
Submicron Inc.
2-D and 3-D models of laminar flow for a CVD reactor. Custom Pennsylvania subroutines for near wall boundary layer affects were written.

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