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We consistantly perform Internal and Validation Projects.
Experience List of Internal/Validation Projects
Non Conformal Interfaces Testing of swirling flow patterns past non-conformal interfaces
Cyclone 3D model, RSM turbulence, Lagrangian 2-phase model
Manifold 8-branch 3D 2-part model, particle tracking
Pump system manifold 2D model, water, 44 ft head, 5200 gpm, recirculation patterns
Incinerator 3D Pdf (equilibrium) & also kinetic combustion modeling non-swirling flow comparison
Incinerator 2D As above but swirling flow, effects upon flame length compared
Heat Exchanger Cross flow, comparison of heat transfer coefficient with engineering contractor exchanger design programs
Heat Exchanger As above but hybrid (triangular + quadrilateral) mesh, 2-layer zonal model resolving viscous sub-layer, 2nd order, RNG & ke turbulence.
Heated Tubes Comparison of predicted heat transfer coefficient of small number of tubes with "Fundamentals of Heat & Mass Transfer" by Incopera & DeWitt, calculation methods for bare tube heat transfer.
Pipe Bend Tendency for fluids to develop swirl due to bends validated, compared with empirical results from "Internal Flow Systems" 2nd ed. D.S. Miller
Pipe Bend Granular flow (multi-phase, Eulerian) time-dependent
Settling Tank Granular flow (multi-phase, Eulerian) time-dependent
Note: Due to Confidentiality Agreements, the names of some of the clients can not be disclosed.